How to Prep Your Diapers

Always wash items before first use to get rid of any naturally occurring oils found in textiles and to wash away any residue from the manufacturing process. 

Wash diapers with detergent. Dry diapers. Repeat. Drying is an essential step as it helps the fibers open up and settle into the size they were intended to be.

  • Pocket diapers and covers - wash 1-2 times before first use. No drying required.
  • Bamboo - wash and dry 2-3 times before first use.
  • Cotton - wash and dry 3-4 times before first use
  • Hemp - wash and dry 4-5 times before first use.
  • Unbleached Organic Cotton - wash and dry 6-8 times before first use. 

Please note that the oils found in natural fibers repel water which is why the prepping process is so important. Once the oils are washed off, your diapers will reach full absorbency.