Marshmallow Newborn AIO
Marshmallow Newborn AIO
Marshmallow Newborn AIO
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Marshmallow Newborn AIO

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If this diaper was a food it would be a marshmallow

  • One newborn all in one diaper with a snap in soaker
  • Strategically designed with the perfect blend of natural fibers to create the best absorbency for your babe
  • Packs enough absorbency to be used without the soaker for the first few weeks of life
  • Thoughtfully placed umbilical cord snaps to prevent the diaper from rubbing against your baby's sensitive cord
  • Durable snaps designed to adjust on babies approximately 6-14 pounds
  • Ethically Made in China

Safety is our number one priority. Our diapers are CPSIA compliant and tested in a lab approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) .



  • Each diaper is made up of an outer layer of TPU, two hidden layers of hemp (55% hemp 45% organic cotton), and a top layer of bamboo (70% bamboo 30% cotton) for a luxuriously soft feeling against the skin
  • The snap in soaker is 100% organic cotton topped with bamboo (70% bamboo 30% cotton)