Simple Wash Routine for Cloth Diapers

Rinse. Store. Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat

Rinse - While your baby is on a milk only diet, there is no need to rinse poop diapers before storing. If your baby is fed solids, you will need to remove as much waste as possible before storing

Store - Store soiled diapers in a dry well ventilated pail until wash day and wash every 2-3 days

Wash - Place all of your diaper laundry in the washer
Add a Cora Ball into your washer to prevent microfiber pollution
The first wash will be a WARM rinse or quick cycle with half the amount of recommended detergent to rinse away the surface soils
The main wash will be a HOT heavy duty cycle with the full amount of recommended detergent to give the diapers a deep clean
Refresh your diapers every 6-8 weeks with Mighty Bubbles

Dry - Tumble dry low or hang dry. We recommend using cruelty free wool dryer balls when machine drying to shorten drying time, help with static, and to naturally soften your items.

Fold - Here comes the fun part! Prepare the diaper with the desired amount of absorbency, fold and put away.


We understand that it may be intuitive to want to use extremely hot water in your routine. It is not recommended as it can damage the waterproof layer of your diaper. Normal Hot is ok but please beware of Sanitize and Steam Cycles.